Georgia Power crews ask for patience as severe weather hits

Georgia Power crews ask for patience as severe weather hits

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Georgia Power says there's really no way to tell just how severe the damage will be Wednesday night nor how long it will take them to restore power.

Georgia Power serves approximately 2.5 million customers.

Corporate Communications Specialist Meredith Stone says Wednesday's storms are a bit different from the one we had Monday.

This storm is coming in waves, and right now, it's too soon to tell just how severe the damage will be or how long it will take crews to make repairs to downed lines.

"That's important because we cannot deploy our crews into the field until it is safe to do so.  When you have three different waves, we're going to have to wait and see what that looks like as the event unfolds, to know just when we can actually get our crews out and start working to restore power into these communities," said Stone.

Georgia Power is asking folks to be as patient as they can with these storms.

Crews are ready to go as soon as the weather no longer poses a safety threat for them.

Stone also says Georgia Power is working with other states and different groups within the region for mutual assistance.

But there are steps you can take to stay safe if your power goes out. like unplugging your appliances.

That's because, when the power comes back on, and everyone's appliances turn on at once, that could create a surge.

"On that page, you can report an outage.  That's also really important.  A lot of people think, 'Oh well my neighbors reported an outage.' We need you to report your own. That's important so we can find out exactly, we have a better pulse of what's going on in your neighborhood. And we have a better estimate of when we can get that power back on," said Stone.

One thing to leave on though is your porch light.

That way, when crews survey damaged areas, they can see which homes have had their power restored.

To report an outage, or to see when your power is estimated to come back on, click here.

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