Editorial: VPD goes for 17 years of accreditation

Editorial: VPD goes for 17 years of accreditation

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - This week we want to say congratulations to the Valdosta Police Department, going for its 17th year of accreditation.

The Valdosta Police Department goes through CALEA accreditation and inspection every four years.

It's voluntary, and not many agencies are accredited. However, VPD has been adhering to these standards since 1999.

"Anytime you're doing work that's as dangerous as ours, you've got to make sure the equipment is maintained properly but that it's also being used correctly," 
said Lt. Adam Bembry of the Valdosta Police Department.

"A lot of money goes into this equipment. A lot of resources. For that reason you want to make sure that the taxpayers know that their money is keeping these guys safe and being used well."

Following the storms that devastated Cook County in January, the department wanted to make sure its mobile command center was up-to-date.  It was used as the disaster relief center on site for the Sunshine Acres tornado victims on January 22.

The design for it was to take over as the emergency 911 center if something major were to happen. The center is FEMA funded and even has some new gadgets the officers can use when it's out on the road.

The mobile command center is not used often, but officers say they're thankful it goes through this inspection, so that when it needed in the community, it will  be there and working correctly.

VPD's accreditation is good for everyone in the area.

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