EMA officials give safety tips for severe weather

EMA officials give safety tips for severe weather

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Preparation and staying alert.

Those are two things EMA officials say they can't stress enough to folks in Southwest Georgia.

According to our Meteorologists it appears severe weather could be developing throughout the night and then again on Wednesday.

Chief Jones said although these storms aren't as powerful as the ones in January they can still cause "Even a severe thunderstorm can cause damage with straight line winds and those sort of things,".

Since most Thomas County and Thomasville students are out on spring break this week, EMA officials want parents to go over weather safety with their kids. if they are going to be home alone this week.

"They know what to do in stormy weather because they practice that in the schools so ask them to do those same things and practice precautions while they are at home," said Jones.

Jones also recommend getting your storm kit together. They say you should have flashlights, batteries and of course a NOAA weather radio.

Thomas County EMA uses two Facebook pages during every severe storm now.

EMA officials said it's become a fast way of getting updates out to folks here in Thomasville.

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