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Damage from SWGA after April 3rd storm

Damage on Temple Avenue (Source; WALB) Damage on Temple Avenue (Source; WALB)
Near Temple Avenue (Source: WALB) Near Temple Avenue (Source: WALB)
12th Avenue (Source: WALB) 12th Avenue (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Across from WALB (Source: WALB) Across from WALB (Source: WALB)

The squall line that First Alert Meteorologist Andrew Gorton told us to expect this afternoon came roaring the WALB viewing area just after 1:30 Monday afternoon.

It has produced minor property damage and several downed trees, including and un-confirmed report of a funnel cloud.

WALB-TV is running on generators at this time, as power outages are frequent in parts of Albany. WALB viewers report storm activity around, Greenwood, Acker, and the Home Depot and Sam’s Club areas. At Home Depot,  a shed was blown onto its side, flowers are everywhere, and it appears as if some trees, may have snapped in half.

On North Harding Street, limbs are down, and it looks a power pole snapped in half, and damaged a car.

A fiber glass pool was flipped over in the Flint Avenue area.

On Temple Avenue in Albany an awning came down, and part of it ended up in a tree, while another piece ended up hanging over a fence.

The Worth Co. Fire Dept. is responding to Porter's Corner for one incident, and James Young Road for another incident.  They are encouraging folks to stay off the roads. 13 trees have been reported down in Sylvester, and Findley Road is blocked. There are reports of downed power lines on 33 North.

A tree is down on 12th Avenue, between Hilltop and Greenwood in Albany.

The Wilcox County Sheriff says they are opening shelters for citizens, at the Courthouse in Abbeville, the Community Center in Rochelle, along with the First Baptist Church, and the Community Center in Pitts.

You should never ever, touch any downed wires or low hanging wire. This does include telephone or TV wires that are touching a power line. You should also never try to repair Georgia Power equipment, and never go into areas with debris or downed trees, because you might not see downed power lines, buried in debris.

For Dougherty County residents, you can stay up to date with alerts from the EMA by clicking here.

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