Beekeeping can pay off

Beekeeping can pay off

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - You won't bee-lieve all the things that bees do, and yep, there's a class for it.

Due to pesticide use and habitat loss, especially after the January storms, bee populations are declining.

It's one of the many reasons The Sowega Bee Keeper's club wants to educate the public on how keeping bees can be beneficial.

Chehaw Park hosted a bee-keeping class Saturday morning.

Some perks include producing your own honey, and the insects offer great pollination for gardens.

"When you keep bees, its the best feeling. You always have something to give other. There's more than enough food and benefits for you to use. It's the best lesson," said Walter Terhune, member.

The club also wanted to get children involved in the class and show that unless they're messed with, bees usually don't sting and are not scary.

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