DAY 3: Confidence course

DAY 3: Confidence course

Parris Island, SC - Drill instructors pushed people to their limits, but motivation was all Westover High School teacher Latayla Walden needed.

"With that encouragement from the DI's I was able to push through and finish the course," said Walden.

It's called the confidence course with several obstacles to do just that, build confidence in recruits.

But also to help them conquer their fears

"I was also able to face my fears with the repelling wall," said Walden.

A 43-foot tower was her next stop

Buckling her helmet, even with a fresh war wound, Walden was determined to go up

Re-Essa also swallowed her fears, and gave it a try

For Walden, it was the surprise visit from her uncle. a retired marine that pushed her.

"At times I feel like I want to give up," she said.

But with him there---that was not an option, forcing Walden to take this experience to heart

With her hands firmly to her side, Walden was now thinking and acting like a recruit.

And with one day left, Walden will take that fighting spirit back to her students

The first thing she will tell those that want to enlist: "If it was easy then everyone would be doing it."

Re-Essa has finished up her time with the Marine's at the Parris Island base.

She'll be recapping her journey next week, but you can look back on her Facebook page or here.

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