Firebirds veterans ready to face rivals, former teammates

Firebirds veterans ready to face rivals, former teammates

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Maybe the Georgia Firebirds and Columbus Lions aren't exactly rivals just yet. The Firebirds are only in year two, and the Lions an established franchise with several championships.

But no team has drawn the ire of indoor football fans in the Good Life City like the Lions.

The Firebirds will look to earn their first win of the season against their adopted rivals, and the team has added a little fuel to this one by bringing in several former Lions.

John Harris and Larry Edwards are just two former Albany Panthers that headed to Columbus when that team folded.

Now both are back in Albany with the Firebirds.

For Harris, a return to the Jungle with his new team will be an emotional ride.

"Normally, when you play football against opponents, you dislike them. I love those guys. It's going to be crazy, but I'm sure it'll be fun," Harris says. "But I most definitely want to whoop them. I want to whoop them so bad I can taste it."

It's a 7:00 kickoff Saturday night at the Columbus Civic Center, also known as The Jungle.

The Lions coming off an 85-18 win over Corpus Christi last week.

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