Study shows high tourism numbers for Thomasville

Study shows high tourism numbers for Thomasville

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - More visitors are coming to downtown Thomasville to stay for the weekend or for events, than ever before.

"You wouldn't believe it, people always come in the visitors center and say are people always this nice? We say yes they are," said Bonnie Hayes, Tourism Director.

Thousands of people come each year to experience the Southern Hospitality downtown Thomasville has to offer.

According to a new survey released by the state of Georgia show that high tourism numbers means big business for Thomasville.

"There is a huge area of growth, more people are discovering Thomasville and coming to it. The tourism industry is absolutely growing everyday," said Hayes.

In 2015, the tourism industry supported more than 600 local jobs and generated $67.6 million in revenue.

"Of course the restaurants see huge growth, any of the merchants in town see people they have never seen before and buying and of course thats always important," said Hayes.

Hayes said that the impact of tourism in Thomas County also means that tax dollars are generated which helps to improve the community.

"When our visitors come into to town and spend money with us, it helps to offset the tax amounts that we Georgians, Thomasvillians, end up paying," said Hayes.

State-wide, tourism dollars are vital to Georgia's economy. The tourism industry's impact on Georgia's economy in recent years was 59 billion dollars, an increase of 3.2%.

Shops and restaurants are already preparing for the rose show in April.

Organizers say it's one of Thomasville's biggest events every year.

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