Good samaritans help move car off tracks

Good samaritans help move car off tracks

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - It's a terrifying situation for any driver, having your car break down on train tracks. That's exactly what happened to one driver in Valdosta Thursday morning.

"I looked down there before I got out, I said well I got enough time to get this car off the track before it gets hit," said Dwight, who wanted to help move the broken down vehicle.

Dwight drove up to the tracks and saw the broken down car. He quickly jumped in to help the driver move the vehicle.

Just moments later, he looked across the tracks and saw a familiar face.

"My son in law was on the opposite side," recalled Dwight, "He jumped in to try to help too."

The two were able to help the driver move the broken down car off the tracks. Since the train was quickly approaching, they both immediately got back into their own vehicles.

But Dwight saw something he never expected.

"Before I know it my wife said my son in law and my grandson just got hit by the train," said Dwight.

The car was parked just on the edge of the tracks and was clipped by the train as it drove by.

"Very, very serious. Could've been much, much worse. Thankfully, everybody's for the most part okay," said Lt. Adam Bembry with the Valdosta Police Department.

The man and his son in the vehicle that was hit were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries, according to police.

Officers said the driver of the broken down car was lucky folks jumped in to help.

"It's nothing to play with. You've got to get off those train tracks," said Lt. Bembry.

As for Dwight and his family, he said he is happy to help when he can, and is just happy everyone will be okay.

"I thank god today they're alright. As far as the vehicle? You can always get one of them," urged Dwight.

Officers said if you get  stuck on train tracks  get out of the vehicle immediately and call 911 so dispatch can alert conductors to stop the train.

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