Message in a bottle found, returned decades later

Message in a bottle found, returned decades later
The message was dropped into a lake around twenty years ago (Source:WALB)
The bottle traveled 20 miles (Source:WALB)
The bottle traveled 20 miles (Source:WALB)
Yancey Baggett, message writer (Source:WALB)
Yancey Baggett, message writer (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia man received the surprise of a lifetime when a message in a bottle he wrote around twenty years ago made its way back to him.

"Hi, my name is Yancey Baggett, I'm nine years old," Baggett said, reading from the note dated January 3, 1998. "Please, call me when found."

It was a call that he thought would never come, but, just days ago, a man, who lived down river from Lake Seminole, found the bottle near his home and decided to call the number left on the note.

Baggett's parents answered and delivered the news.

"Its really nostalgic," Baggett said. "It puts you back in that place of a nine-year-old kid. Just a simpler time in life. It was just really fun."

Baggett and his dad, while on trip to Lake Seminole, dropped a message in a bottle off the Highway 27 Bridge two decades ago.

Since then, the bottle has made a journey twenty miles down the Flint River, four presidents have taken office and Baggett himself has become a father.

"As a kid, you think it's possible," Baggett said. "As an adult, you get into life and you say nothing like that is really possible. A message in a bottle, nobody is going to find it."

But, as it turns out, the youthful optimism he had as a nine-year-old was valid.

So, now, he plans to pass down the hope his dad instilled in him to his young daughter Maddison.

"To find out that something like that really can happen, it's really great and it'd be fun to do with her as well," Baggett said.

Its a family tradition that started on whim, and, with a little luck, could continue for decades to come.

Baggett said the man, who found the message, is mailing it back to him.

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