Disaster training in Tift Co.

Disaster training in Tift Co.
"Communication is key," said Jones (Source: WALB)
"Communication is key," said Jones (Source: WALB)

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - Members of the National Guard used helicopters to airlift dummies during a re-enactment of a devastating tornado.

They partnered with the Air Force and Tift County Emergency First Responders for disaster training.

"Being proactive and getting ahead of these things is the best case scenario."

Storm victims in Southwest Georgia have seen some of the worst effects of what Mother Nature has to offer. The training scenarios could be helpful in case of future disaster.

"Our lower ranking folks, people that are not in command, this gives them an opportunity to take charge. There are some real command and control and leadership lessons here," said Jason Jones, EMA Director.

Scenarios included  a tornado, a hurricane and a deadly plane crash.

"It's been a great opportunity for all of our first responders to work together, when they normally wouldn't on a day to day basis."

The storms in January left behind mountains of debris...sometimes making it difficult to get to folks trapped in areas that were hit the worst.

Although it's almost impossible to be fully prepared for when and where a disaster may hit.

EMA director Jason Jones says it will at least help be proactive.

"They key to every disaster relief effort is communication," said Jones.

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