Harper Elementary participates in testing program

Harper Elementary participates in testing program

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Students at Harper elementary in Thomasville will be taking part in a pilot program for a new statewide testing system.

The platform is called "Test Pad".

Only four other schools in the state are participating in the program.

School leaders said using technology can make students feel more comfortable while taking standardized tests.

"What test pad allows them to do is take their love of technology that they have at home and in the classroom and get the practice that they need to get whats in their mind onto the test," said Dr. Daniel Oldham, Assistant Superintendent

"I think everything has to go through a process before you implement it in a classroom but if you find something that has some weight to it, it's worth attempting," Said Melvin Hugans, Principal.

The system allows teachers to add questions to the tests if they feel that their students need more help in certain areas.

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