Colquitt Regional reports over 100 confirmed flu cases each week

Colquitt Regional reports over 100 confirmed flu cases each week

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - South Georgia is being hit hard this Flu Season.

Colquitt Regional in Moultrie is seeing new patients fighting the flu everyday, in fact 125 confirmed cases at the hospital just like week.

"It's more than recent years," said Dr. Jared Cardwell, Colquitt Regional.

On Average around 100 people are coming in to the hospital each week.

Hospital staff said two weeks ago they treated 140 patients for influenza.

That number is remaining steady as the outbreak continues.

"The influenza strain is more severe but that doesn't mean you can't get it treated more effectively," said Dr. Cardwell.

Doctors said 73% of the people they have seen have Type B Influenza.

SOT - Influenza B is just a different type, its a little less which means its a little less strong so to speak.

Influenza A has harsher symptoms but Dr. Cardwell said Influenza B can still be dangerous.

With that being said, they want to warn everyone that if they feel flu like symptoms to see a physician immediately.

" We're advising patients to contact your primary care doctor but if you feel the need to come in to the ER, absolutely you should come in,"  said Dr. Cardwell.

Right now Colquitt County schools are still closed, students are on spring break.

Many of them recovering from the Flu as well, the schools reported high absence numbers last week.

But children and young adults are not the only ones catching the flu, doctors said its widespread.

"There is a drug that you can get, its an anti viral. It will help reduce symptoms a lot of times its only effective in the first 48 hours. It wont cure the flu your body does that naturally but it allows it to be less severe," said Dr. Cardwell.

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