Restaurant scam in Tifton

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Two businesses in Tifton have been scammed by crooks impersonating a police officer demanding bail money for employees.

On March 13, the Bojangles on Magnolia Drive, was contacted by phone by someone posing as a law enforcement officer.

The caller told the employee  that their district manager had been arrested and would need money from the store to make bail.

The store manager was told that a plain clothes officer would arrive in an unmarked car to pick up $200.  And they gave the scammer the money.

Two days later, the exact same thing happened to Smoothie King on Virginia Avenue.

Tifton Police are now warning other businesses to beware of the possible scam.

"If they get to the point where somebody shows up at your business, check their credentials and that sort of thing. The Tifton Police Department is not going to call a business and try to arrange for someone to bring more money or have more money picked up," said Lt. Lee Dunston.

If someone does call your business or shows up asking for money, call Tifton Police.

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