FEMA deadline has arrived

FEMA deadline has arrived
"Monday is the deadline," said Mills (Source: WALB)
"Monday is the deadline," said Mills (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - "It doesn't matter if your damage is less than your neighbors, everybody is taken care on an individual basis. So you're not taking away something from somebody else if your register for assistance," said John Mills, FEMA External Affairs.

Two months after the storms that devastated Southwest Georgia, the FEMA deadline has come.

"Some people have procrastinated, but this is your last opportunity to register for federal assistance from FEMA," said Mills.

FEMA has been in the Albany area since the first storms at the beginning of January.

"FEMA has provided more than $3 million to more than 800 households for their losses not covered by insurance. The small business administration has approved more than $8 million in disaster loans in businesses, homeowners and renters. So more than 11 million dollars has already been approved for survivors," said Mills.

For those who have already registered, the last day to have face to face help with a FEMA representative is Monday. The disaster center is closing but help is still available.

"People can continue to stay in touch with FEMA if they have ongoing needs related to the disaster. Provide their information to FEMA, they can call on the phone anytime, get more information and even request additional assistance," said Mills.

Mills wants to let people know there is no reason to worry. He says that FEMA has been proud to serve the community for months and will continue to help in whatever way they can.

"Some people have been thankful to have that one on one contact to sit down with someone and talk about what their family has gone through, so we've been able to do that for hundreds and hundreds of families here in southwest Georgia. That's been good to be able to do that," said Mills.

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