DoCo teacher to get a taste of Marine life

DoCo teacher to get a taste of Marine life
Latalya Walden (Source: WALB)
Latalya Walden (Source: WALB)
Walden challenged her students to a push-up match. (Source: WALB)
Walden challenged her students to a push-up match. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We're just four days away from when one of our own will enter Parris Island, just like a marine recruit starting their service.

WALB News 10's Re-Essa Buckels will be attending U.S. Marine Corps Educator's Workshop to study how marines are made.

For the past two weeks, Buckels has done a series of stories on the recruiting process.

On Friday, she spoke with a Dougherty County teacher who will also be learning what it takes to be a marine.

Latalya Walden will be spending four intense days at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

"I can learn certain things that may gain their focus and keep them out of trouble," said Walden.

For the past  two years, she's been teaching at Westover High School.

But before this career, "I thought about going into the military before I became a teacher," explained Walden.

So what changed her mind?

"I saw some of my friends going through bootcamp and it kind of changed my perspective," remarked Walden.

Her students gave her some words of wisdom before she leaves.

"I'm excited about actually walking in formation," said Walden, and shooting a rifle, one of the activities on the trip.

This isn't her time on Parris Island, her uncle, a retired marine, was once stationed there.

Walden explained that it would "help me become closer to my uncle to help me understand why he did the things that he did."

At one point, his strict demeanor even scared her, and might have even rubbed off on her.

"If I can do 20 push ups then you guys have to take the quiz," said Walden.

If not, then they're off the hook.

But like the structured teacher she is, they didn't get off easy.

"Now you have to do quiz, you have to do the quiz, you have to do the quiz," remarked Walden.

Walden will ship off with Buckels on Tuesday at 6 a.m.

She will have another report on Monday with marines who recently returned from bootcamp.

You can continue to follow her journey on here and on her Facebook page.

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