Cowboy rides across America for children's charities

Cowboy rides across America for children's charities
The couple is riding across the country (Source:WALB)
The two are resting in Baker County (Source:WALB)
The two are resting in Baker County (Source:WALB)
Tye Sturgeon, horseback rider (Source:WALB)
Tye Sturgeon, horseback rider (Source:WALB)

BAKER CO., GA (WALB) - An Arkansas man, who is riding his horse across the county for a good cause, has made a stop in South Georgia.

"He's a good boy," Tye Sturgeon said, while tending to one of his horses named Rudy.

Sturgeon and his wife Hannah are riding across America.

The pair is about two weeks into a journey that started in Florida and will continue to New York state.

"Its hard at times, but I remember that there was a time when I actually slept on the ground every night," Tye said. "That was something else."

But, for at least a couple days, the two are getting some rest.

Instead of bunking down on the mattress in their truck, they have a roof over their head thanks to the Rocky Bend Flint River Retreat near Newton.

The needed R&R will help the couple saddle back up with a full head of steam to raise money for several children's charities.

"Ropin' Dreams, Its not just the kid who gets to go have the dream," Tye said. "Their family gets to go with them. Father Time stands still for something like that."

Sturgeon asks folks to donate to Ropin' Dreams and the New Horizon Ranch as he travels the country.

He adds that the groups are true non-profits because nobody is getting rich from them, but they're helping a lot of people out.

"They are doing it for the right reasons," Tye said.

Reasons he has ridden thousands of miles to spread the word about.

You can learn more about the progress of the trip at Tye Sturgeon's Facebook page.

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