School administrators won't tolerate social media threats

School administrators won't tolerate social media threats
Hank Wright (Source: WALB)
Hank Wright (Source: WALB)
Karen Hancock (Source: WALB)
Karen Hancock (Source: WALB)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - School administrators stress they will not tolerate student threats of any kind, even on social media.

A Lee county student is now facing a terrorist threat charge because of a simple Snapchat post.

Joke or not, school officials want students to know threats will always be a serious matter.

The post a student sent out via Snapchat in Lee County's cafeteria read: "Got the gun ready, once the bell rings, it's over."

According to Leesburg Police, the user who sent it is now facing a charge of terroristic threats.

Though there was no gun in the bag, the threat was not taken lightly.

"We take everything seriously," said Lee County High school assistant principal Hank Wright. "You have to in today's society. It's not up to us to decide if it's legit or not until we follow up on it."

Kids will be kids. They will have fun, and joke with each other on social media.

But there's a fine line that was crossed this afternoon in the cafeteria, and thanks to the quick action by other students, the situation was handled.

"They went to an administrator," said Lee County High School principal Karen Hancock. "And they told the adults what has happened. They took a picture of the Snapchat so they had it for evidence. They went immediately to an administrator."

"Our kids saw something that wasn't right," said Wright. "They responded by telling an adult, and we followed up on it. And we ask our teachers to do the same thing."

Vigilance prevailed. In the matter of minutes order was restored at Lee County High, and the learning flow of the day went uninterrupted.

"Because it was contained so quickly," said Hancock. "If we thought there was an imminent threat to our children we would've locked down immediately. It was the middle of lunch, we contained the situation. We had all the evidence."

But the greater lesson for students in this social media era: a threat is a threat. No matter the medium.

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