WALB trains for trip to US Marine depot in Parris Island

WALB trains for trip to US Marine depot in Parris Island
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
US Marine Staff Sergeant Thomas Dailey (Source: WALB)
US Marine Staff Sergeant Thomas Dailey (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One week from Tuesday, WALB News 10's Re-Essa Buckels will head to Parris Island, SC to learn about a young marine's life.

And she's doing some serious training to get ready.

As I walked into Albany Marine Recruiting Station, I was overcome by morning grogginess, up bright and early at 10 am.

All I could think about is how U.S. marine applicants can even think at these hours, let alone workout.

But I quickly learned being physical fit is key, and that starts on day one.

"The very second, at that point in time, they need to start training right away," said U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Thomas Dailey.

I got in some cardio while doing push ups, and pull ups.

And I also learned how to swing my first sledge hammer.

Dailey said the training takes away 20 percent of the stress but this part of the process excludes all of the screenings.

"It's detrimental, it's probably one of the most vital assets that we have," explained SSgt. Dailey.

The screenings start with basic questions, an appointment, a questionnaire with more than 100 questions and a formal interview to make sure they're the right fit.

"Aren't you guys just special forces so there are a lot of misconceptions," said SSgt. Dailey.

Recruiters make a portfolio on the applicant's medical history.

Then the applicant signs their name on the dotted line, and finally takes a test in hopes to score a 31 to 99.

"Recruit training is probably one of the hardest concepts because when you have 80 plus individuals trying to become one team," remarked SSgt. Dailey.

Lastly, the waiting game in the Delayed Entry Program before their shipped off to bootcamp at Parris Island in hopes to be part of 'The Few. The Proud. The Marines.'

Buckels will have another report about the U.S. Marine Corps Educator's Workshop on Friday.

You can continue to follow her journey on her Facebook page.

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