Phoebe MRI technologist earns prestigious certification

Phoebe MRI technologist earns prestigious certification

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Patients who get a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan at Phoebe Putney are overseen by a leading expert on MRI safety.  Senior MRI Technologist Deborah Lloyd recently earned a prestigious certification held by just a handful of healthcare workers in Georgia.

Lloyd was the 584th person in the world to be certified as a Magnetic Resonance Safety Officer by the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety.

"It took a year of study and work to earn the certification," Lloyd said.  "That work included several intensive conferences, including one led by Dr. Emanuel Kanal who founded the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety."

Following that conference, Lloyd had to pass an in-depth 3-hour exam to become certified.

The certification helps the entire Phoebe MRI team keep up with an ever-changing field.

"All our technologists are dedicated to patient safety, and this certification has provided new standards for our team to ensure our patients are getting the best care while maintaining a safe environment," Lloyd said.

Any foreign object in a patient's body, from a pacemaker to a bullet fragment, can put him or her at risk during an MRI scan.  Lloyd's expertise helps make sure scans on those patients are conducted safely.

"If we come across any sort of implant, we have to research it and make sure we understand the manufacturer's guidelines on it," Lloyd said.  "We have to know exactly where it is in the body and how long it's been there, so that we can adjust our parameters to meet those guidelines."

Certain MRI machines may not be appropriate for patients with certain implants.   And Phoebe patients are lucky to have a nationally certified safety expert making sure they get the best possible care.

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