Editorial: Stop illegal dumping

Editorial: Stop illegal dumping

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - This week, Albany city leaders announced they're taking serious steps to finally crack down on illegal dumping in one part of town.

For decades, illegal dumping along Silica Drive in East Albany has been a big problem, leaving not only an eyesore, but creating a public health concern as well.

Now, city leaders say gates will be constructed at both ends of the road, leaving access only to residents, city crews and emergency responders.

"And it is costing taxpayers a lot of money to pick up that material and dispose of it, so, with the action the commission takes will hopefully eliminate that by closing those two access points," said  Assistant City Mgr. Phil Roberson.

We applaud city leaders for taking this step towards limiting illegal dumping, but we hope it's not the end of their efforts.

There are other places in our city that need to be cleaned up and revitalized.

We want our friends and neighbors to be proud of where they live, and for our guests to be impressed as well.

If we're the 'Good Life City,' let's make sure visually, we live up to that name.

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