Downtown Tifton traffic higher than normal

Downtown Tifton traffic higher than normal

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Downtown Tifton is busy.

While that's good for business owners.. police say it may not be so safe for drivers.

Police have seen a spike in traffic accidents in the downtown area and they urge drivers to be careful.

They say downtown is the most accident prone area.

The speed limit should be obeyed and drivers should pay close attention to others backing their cars out when parked on the street.

Too often they are seeing folks rely on the rear view mirror and that is not always a good view of what's coming.

They are also warning about possible traffic light violations.

"A lot of people when they come up to an intersection, they see the light turn yellow, their first instinct is to speed up and try to get through the light. That has been causing a lot of accidents," said Officer Coleman Nelson.

Police say anyone they see not slowing down for a yellow light, or obeying these traffic laws, will be pulled over and given a ticket.

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