Possible uniforms for one Tift Co. school

Possible uniforms for one Tift Co. school
"The benefits outweigh the cons," said Atwater (Source: WALB)
"The benefits outweigh the cons," said Atwater (Source: WALB)

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - Changes may be coming for students at Omega Elementary School when it comes to what they wear to school.

A proposed idea from the school board may have them wearing uniforms, beginning next year.

According to the superintendent of Tift County Schools, parents are all in favor of the idea of possible uniforms.

The clothes would be sold in stores around Tifton.

After researching, he says uniforms would actually be the cheaper option for parents.

Students at Omega Elementary School may start next school year in uniforms.

"Currently they are working towards a general uniform type. Khaki pants, blue pants, white shirt, blue shirt, grey shirt," said Superintendent Atwater.

The local school governance team made the decision for Omega Elementary.

Atwater says that while the students were evenly split on the issue, faculty, staff and parents were overwhelmingly in favor.

"The exciting part is that these decisions will be made at the local school by the parents and the teachers of each school, rather than myself, or others on the board," said Atwater.

Omega Elementary will be the first school in Tift County to implement the uniforms. If successful, other schools will do the same. Atwater says the benefits towards wearing uniforms should make it an easy decision for the board.

"It will create a more level playing field when it comes to students recognizing students that may not have the access to better lines of clothing, more expensive clothing, better clothes altogether," said Atwater.

The biggest complaint from parents is students allowed to show individualism,

"It will include freedom days. Their school pictures will not have everybody in the same uniform. So parents, there will be opportunities to express their individual dress patterns," said Atwater.

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