Treasure hunter shares adventures with South GA divers

Treasure hunter shares adventures with South GA divers
A treasure hunter visited Albany divers (Source:WALB)
Mike Brown, Treasure salvage diver (Source:WALB)
Mike Brown, Treasure salvage diver (Source:WALB)
Phyllis Crumb, Club president (Source:WALB)
Phyllis Crumb, Club president (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Florida treasure hunter, with ties to South Georgia, shared stories of exploring shipwrecks with Albany divers Tuesday.

"This is one of my first finds as a matter of fact," Mike Brown said, looking at a piece of clay pottery.

Brown is preparing to give Albany divers some insight into thrill of the hunt.

"It's a challenge. It's interesting," Brown said. "It's exciting. It's a lot of hard work. Sometimes it's rewarding and sometimes it's not."

Brown said he's been living his childhood dream as a treasure salvage diver in partnership with the state of Florida for the past ten years.

In 2015, he helped pull around 5 million dollars' worth of gold from a shipwreck off the coast of Florida.
Tuesday, he shared those experiences with members of the JAWS Club, sponsored by the Adventure Dive Center, in hopes of preserving history.

"We do things not only just for diving, but, part of my thing is water conservation and people learning about water and having respect for it," Club President Phyllis Crumb said.

The group meets monthly and has hosted Brown for several years now.  He said the Adventure Dive Center was a big part of his life when he once lived in South Georgia serving in the military. So, sharing his adventure in a place he once called home is something he loves to do.

"You're the first person to see it in three hundred years," Brown said. "When, you look at it. You think about the trail that it took to get there, the people that held it. The hands that made it. It tells a story."

A story that Brown hopes to add to next year.

You can learn more about the JAWS Club at the Adventure Dive Center Facebook page.

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