Tifton business is booming

Tifton business is booming
"Community supports has been awesome for us," said Mangham (Source: WALB)
"Community supports has been awesome for us," said Mangham (Source: WALB)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Tifton residents have seen the recent growth of the city and especially in the downtown area.

Two new business have already opened and three new restaurants are soon to start business.

Downtown Tifton is continuing to grow.

There are already 210 apartments downtown and more than 15 restaurants.

The future of downtown Tifton looks bright thanks to developers. A total of 40 apartments and 3 restaurants will soon be added.

One newly opened boutique, Suit Yourself has been open for less than a month.

For Emily Mangham, an employee there, she says business has been great so far.

"There's nothing really like this, for swimwear in Tifton. We've really appreciate the community's support," said Mangham.

Residents and business owners are proud of the way the community has grown.

"Doubled the restaurants and everything like that. It's just been growing. And it's going to continue to grow," said Mangham.

City Manager Pete Pyrzenski says the folks in his office are listening to the community and giving them businesses they want to see here... in return sales are booming.

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