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Troopers concerned by students speeding to and from school

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Georgia State Patrol Troopers say they are concerned by the number of students driving at very high speeds, especially on one Lee County road.  Troopers say they don't want to see any fatal crashes, so they are asking parents to get involved.

Another student stopped speeding on Grave Springs Road,  Troopers say they are seeing it too often.
Georgia State Patrol Trooper First Class David Fretwell said "I'm checking these vehicles running from 75 to 89 miles per hour on a 2 lane 55 miles per hour road."

Troopers say usually the students tell them they are late for school.  Troopers say that is no reason for teens to put their life at risk, but sometimes it is even more dangerous.
Fretwell said "And what I've been finding that's very concerning to me is inside the vehicle was some of these traffic stops are their younger brothers and sisters.  That they are also putting at risk driving that way."

Troopers are not only asking Lee County parents, but parents across South Georgia to talk to their teen drivers about the consequences of speeding, because they don't have enough driving experience.
Fretwell said "Driving conditions can change in a split second. You can have a blown out tire, a deer can run out in front of you in the road.  And young drivers just don't have the proper reactions to deal with those kind of driving conditions that change automatically."

Troopers say they have stopped too many students driving  at high speeds for ridiculous reasons. They say they are always concerned by the dangers of distracted driving.  Now they ask parents to get involved and hold them responsible.

Thursday Lee County High School and Georgia State Patrol Troopers will hold a crash re - enactment for the students, to show them the consequences of a traffic crash.

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