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Thomasville business owners hopeful for Sunday sales

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Early Voting is underway in Thomasville for an amendment that could soon be allow folks to buy alcohol on Sundays.

Many businesses have signs out from of their stores in support of the amendment.

"It definitely cant hurt, It for the customers, that's what they were asking for," said Craig Wood, Owner/Operator of Beef O' Bradys.

For many business owners in Thomasville next Tuesday is a big day, it decides the fate of an amendment that would allow Sunday alcohol sales.

"When holidays fall on Sunday, we don't open because people tend to want alcohol and it becomes a bigger hassle than anything else," said Carolyn Cadenhead, the owner of SoHo in downtown Thomasville

But that could soon change.

 Cadenhead said she would consider opening her business for special events on Sundays if this passes.

"I hear from so many people that they would like this to pass but at the same time I think its like 50 - 50. It will be interesting to see how it goes," said Cadenhead.

Just down the road on West Jackson Street is Beef O' Brady's, a popular spot for those sports fans on Sunday.

Wood said not having alcohol sales has actually hurt his business at times.

"Yes, they have gotten up and just left. The people from Florida and surrounding areas that come down, it boggles their mind that they don't have Sunday sales," said Wood.

When voters go to polls they will see this ballot giving them two items to vote on.

The first is Sundays sales of alcohol in stores and the second is Sunday consumption which would allow restaurants and bars to sell drinks by the glass.

Restaurant owners said they have heard mixed reviews but are hopeful that it passes.

"I've got the pros and cons from everybody it looks like it will go through, I sure hope so," said Wood.

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