Horse trail ride benefits Camp Osborn

Horse trail ride benefits Camp Osborn
"It was an easy decision," said Burnette (Source: WALB)
"It was an easy decision," said Burnette (Source: WALB)
"It feels good to give back," said Hoey (Source: WALB)
"It feels good to give back," said Hoey (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A group of horse riders are doing what they love to help what some call a wildlife treasure in the Southwest Georgia area.

Worth County's Camp Osborn, the local Boy Scout camp, was devastated when two tornadoes hit the area in a 3 week stretch in January.

Camp Osborn suffered over $350,000 in damages from the Jan. 22 storm, so Happy Trails of SOWEGA hopes to relieve some of those costs through a benefit trail ride.

"There is no better way to spend a day than to be on a horse with a bunch of friends, doing something good for somebody," said Morgan Burnette, Chehaw.

Camp Osborn sustained heavy damage from the first storm, impacting some of the buildings on the property and taking down trees.

Additional trees fell and structures were further damaged when the second tornado plowed through the area.

"The situation at Camp Osborn is pretty dyer. It's not good. It's really like they are almost starting over," said Burnette.

Happy Trails of SOWEGA held its fourth trail ride Saturday at Chehaw, this one to benefit the Boy Scout camp.

"We can't give money, we can't do a lot of things. But we can host things. We have the resources and we have the trails so why not," said Burnette.

As the morning ride began, nearly 40 riders took to the park's trails.

"It's a really great feeling. To have a place close to come out and ride," said Hope Hoey, rider.

It was an easy decision for us to host something that could do good for other people," said Burnette.

At $20 per rider, Burnette said she realizes that the ride can't fix Camp Osborn, but the gesture of support is important for them to begin the recovery process.

"Camp Osborn is a really awesome place to ride. We've lost it for a little while. But it will be back and soon we'll be able to ride out there again too," said Hoey.

To donate to Chehaw or Camp Osborn, contact Chehaw park at (229) 430-5275.

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