Pet therapy started for students at SRTC

Pet therapy started for students at SRTC

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A furry, adorable, and loving face is doing a lot more that bringing smiles to student's faces at Southern Regional Technical College. It's improving test scores!

"I saw a 10 point increase in test scores from the previous classes," said Terry Harper, RN Instructor

Making those B's become A's on tests for nursing students. So what's the secret?

"I think there has been a lot of studies about dogs and the effect they have on our emotions, our physical well being as far as your blood pressure and stress level. Its just makes you kind of chill out," Sharon Poitevint.

It's called pet therapy, and students in veterinary school at SRTC said they were excited to get this program started.

" I've actually talked to a few students that I know that go here and they actually liked the idea, maybe doing it during finals week where it can be a school wide event," said Amber Atkinson, student

All of the dogs in the program come from the Thomas County humane society, students groom them and get them looking their best.  Then they get to hang out with the students in the courtyard before class.

"It socializes the dog and gets them the interaction they might not get at the humane society. It seemed to go really well, they enjoyed it and it maybe got some dogs a home," said Atkinson.

It's a program that benefits both students and the dogs.

As of now the program has only been introduced with the nursing students.

Students and staff hope to open it up to all students before big tests in the future.

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