Man arrested for Cherokee Park exposure incident


THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Parents are voicing their concerns about an exposure incident at a popular Thomasville park.

Besides the pesky geese, Delash Huewitt, a mother of two says she's never experienced many problems at Cherokee Park.

Thursday, she found out a man was accused of exposing himself in front children. Huewitt said it has her worried.

"Being a concerned parent, I feel like he either needs to be caught or something needs to be done about it because small children can see it and they mimic everything they see," said Huewitt.

Police said Reginald Williams, 23, was been arrested for the incident. He is now charged with public indecency.

Although this issue may have been solved, parents said they are still concerned and feel as if it's a reoccurring problem at the park.

"I didn't know anything about it but I think it does need to be publicized because a lot of parents including myself do come to do this park and if we don't know and its happening and we see it that's a concerning situation," said Huewitt.

In 2011, police reported that a flasher exposed himself at the park in broad daylight.

Then most recently just a year ago in March of 2016, Police arrested Keith Howard, 21, for trying to convince young girls at to have sex with him.

"We know that it's a heavily used park and there are always women and children at the location," said Capt. Maurice Holmes, TPD.

In order to make sure these individuals are caught, police said they have put measures in place so folks can still enjoy the park, hopefully without having to worry about who's around them.

"There is always officers on foot patrolling the location, in uniform and in plain clothes so you never know when a officer is there," said Holmes.

As for Huewitt, she said just for precaution she will now start to keep a closer eye on her sons.

"Typically I try to keep him in my eyesight, I try to keep him within running distance is what I say," said Huewitt.

Captain Holmes said in this case, officers actually saw the man standing on the bench exposing himself. They were able to quickly take him into custody.

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