Moody Airmen visit kids at SGMC

Moody Airmen visit kids at SGMC

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Airmen from the Moody Air force Base got a special assignment on Wednesday.

They visited kids in the pediatrics unit at South Georgia Medical Center

"We gave them a teddy bear and a coin, just to let them know we are thinking about them," said Gene Simmons,  Master Sergeant.

A special visit that meant a whole lot to kids like Trent Richardson

He is 12 years old and has big goals for his future

"Since I was four I've always wanted to be a pilot," said Richardson.

The visit is one he will never forget, it took his mind off being in a hospital bed recovering from an emergency surgery.

"It just inspired me to be a pilot," said Richardson.

Trent found a new reason to look up to his local hero, As well as all the other kids they visited.

"It lets them know that hey someone other than my parents is here to support me, it definitely helps them," said Simmons.

As for the special gifts the kids received, Well Trent said he already has a special spot for that once he gets home

"Right here for now and then whenever I get home I will put it on my bedside table," said Richardson.

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