Group tends to cats left behind after tornado

Group tends to cats left behind after tornado
A handful of cats have been taken in by CatNappers (Source:WALB)
A handful of cats have been taken in by CatNappers (Source:WALB)
Mitch Aultman (left), Fred Freeland (right) (Source:WALB)
Mitch Aultman (left), Fred Freeland (right) (Source:WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - A cat wondering through storm debris cries out in the Paradise Village neighborhood.

Residents were pushed out by January's tornado and some of their pets were left behind.

"There will be nothing there, I imagine, if it ever becomes inhabited again, it's going to be a long time," veterinarian Fred Freeland said.

Until then, members of a group called CatNappers are trying to help out. They've counted as many as 20 cats that are now homeless in the area.

"She's just scared," CatNapper member Mitch Aultman said, while petting a cat from the neighborhood. "She's been traumatized. She's very sweet."

Aultman said the group feeds the cats and has even taken a couple in.

Those animals are spayed or neutered, checked for diseases and micro-chipped.

Aultman said then they're ready for adoption.

"We do need that help," Aultman said. "If we can't get it, we can't get the other cats out."

The group is working to prevent over population, as they've already seen some pregnant cats in the area.

"People don't seem to search for lost cats," Freeland, who is working closely with Aultman to help the animals, said. "They'll wait a week or two or three weeks and say, well, I guess they're not coming back. Maybe, before, they ever start looking."

But, now, Freeland said people have an eye on the cats to ensure they survive.

The group says its in need of donations. You can find out how to help or adopt at cat by contacting Albany Pet Partners or CatNappers.

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