Cairo residents relieved after new water treatment plant opens

Cairo residents relieved after new water treatment plant opens

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - People in Cairo can now drink water from their faucets, without having to worry about how much arsenic it may have.

The new water treatment plant is up and running.

"It turns out that he had high levels of arsenic in his system, so we knew then that it must have come from the water," said Aline Rundle, Cairo Resident.

Rundle's mission started five years ago. A mission to get clean drinking water in the city of Cairo once again.

Everything from group meetings to get folks in the community on board, press conferences, and finally, a trip to the state capitol in Atlanta.

"So many in this neighborhood cared about their health, and went out there and got their water fixed," said Rundle.

Fixed by this new state of the art water treatment plant. The only one in the state of Georgia to have arsenic removal capabilities.

If high arsenic levels are detected in the water, the plant will send that water through a special filtration system, solving the problem before it hits your faucet.

"Wow, I tell you we are so happy that our town board did something about this," said Rundle.

Rundle said she feels like the community's call to action really worked.

"If we just take action and become aware of what were breathing, drinking, and eating, then we can help not only ourselves, but our future generations," said Rundle.

The plant is the first one in the state to have arsenic treatment capabilities.

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