Two suspects arrested in largest meth bust in Lee County history

Two suspects arrested in largest meth bust in Lee County history
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Source WALB

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Lee County Sheriff's Office makes the largest meth seizure in the county's history, arresting two suspects Investigators say are tied to the Mexican drug cartel in Atlanta.
Investigators say there is a drug pipeline between Panama City Beach and Atlanta, running right through South Georgia, and this drug bust stopped some of that narcotic flow.

Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals said " this is the largest amount I've seen in my career."

It wasn't a usual traffic stop for deputies in Lee County.

Wednesday night the narcotics team, special victims unit, and department of community supervision intercepted two suspects traveling from the Atlanta area.

"Our units got the information they would be coming through Lee County," said Rachals.

This is what they found, roughly one pound of meth with a street value of $25,000 thousand dollars, a gun, and $2,500 dollars in cash.

Kevin Alford and Donna Parks are now behind bars in the Lee County jail.

The two have long criminal histories involving violence and drug trafficking.

They're connected with the Mexican Cartel in Atlanta.

Lee County sheriff says folks often travel through Lee County to get to the Panama City Beach area, including drug traffickers.

Sheriff Rachals said "From Atlanta to Panama City Beach , and Lee county is part of the pipeline."

Sheriff Rachals says he's just happy to get the criminals off the street. "Don't want in hands of young kids"

He says he's proud of the work his team has done.