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High number of Southwest Georgia fatal crashes in February concerns troopers

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The number of fatal car crashes in Georgia so far this year is down, but The Georgia State Patrol and Governor's Office of Highway Safety are concerned by the high number of car crash fatalities in Southwest Georgia in February. 

In February 16 people died in fatal car crashes in Southwest Georgia,from Stewart County to Lowndes County.
In the entire state of Georgia there were 88 total fatalities.  That's down more than 20% from the same time last year.  So those numbers in Southwest Georgia are a real concern.  

Troopers have been checking the causes of many of those fatal crashes, and it's not drunk driving. More often it's distracted driving.
  Georgia State Patrol Sgt. John VanLandingham said " We'll find a lot of times they were on the cell phone or they were distracted by somebody in the backseat or dealing with something in the passenger seat that they shouldn't have otherwise been doing while driving."

Now troopers are trying to educate South Georgia drivers, to stop distracted driving. Put the phone down and save lives.
 VanLandingham said "We can have them pull over to the shoulder of the road. Handle their business that way, if they need to text somebody or send something on Facebook, or email.  And when they don't do that, then the enforcement side of it.  We'll make a charge on them to get their attention."

So troopers are stepping up enforcement and checks to get South Georgia drivers to stop distracted driving, and hopefully fatal crashes.

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety officials say they are not using the word "accidents" in most fatal crashes anymore, because so many of the crashes are caused by preventable actions.  
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