Mother who delivered baby before tornado recalls storm ten years later

Mother who delivered baby before tornado recalls storm ten years later
The tornado stuck the hospital ten years ago (Source:WALB)
Yolanda Coley (left) Taylor Coley(right), (Source:WALB)
Yolanda Coley (left) Taylor Coley(right), (Source:WALB)
Brandi Lunneborg, Phoebe Sumter CEO (Source:WALB)
Brandi Lunneborg, Phoebe Sumter CEO (Source:WALB)

SUMTER CO., GA (WALB) - Ten years ago, Wednesday, a tornado destroyed parts of Sumter County killing two people.

"The ceiling had fallen on the bed," survivor Yolanda Coley said. "The window was busted out."

On that day, she was a patient at Sumter Regional Hospital, which was in the direct path of the tornado.

"We just heard the glass shattering, things moving and flying around the room and we just hovered above my baby," Coley said.

Coley had just given birth the day before and was still recovering in the hospital. It's a night she said she'll never forget.

"Frightened, scared, sad terrified, all of it in one night," Coley said.

Coley and her newborn baby ended up safe.

Now, celebrating her tenth birthday, her daughter Taylor recalls the story the family has shared about her unique reaction to the terrifying event.

"When the tornado hit, I was fast asleep," Taylor said. "I didn't want to wake up."

She said her mother's quick thinking is something she's thankful for.

"I feel special," Taylor said. "I feel really special."

Ten years later, others at the hospital are grateful for the progress they've made since the storm.

"We did need to rehire and bring people back on board, but we're really at that point where we have grown back to a lot of pre-tornado levels," Brandi Lunneborg, the CEO of Phoebe Sumter, said.

Lunneborg said the hospital is now looking ahead to keep improving where it can.

That, as those it once served, recall it as a vital place of refuge, when bad weather heads their way.

"Me and my daughter we go in the hallway and we just kind of talk," Yolanda said. "Those moments are kind of those one-on-one, precious moments with her."

Coley said nobody in her family was hurt during the tornado.

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