Students travel 1,500 miles to rebuild South GA home

The home should be available by April 1st (Source: WALB)
The home should be available by April 1st (Source: WALB)
Kristen Grafston (Source: WALB)
Kristen Grafston (Source: WALB)
Jonathon Voss (Source: WALB)
Jonathon Voss (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany home is getting a full-on makeover.

Concordia College students came down from Minnesota with Habitat for Humanity to create a better living space for a family in need.

"We're not really building a house, but we're more like renovating which is really fun," said freshman Kristen Grafston.

The students are working through their spring break, but it's a sacrifice they're more-than-happy to make.

"In Minnesota right now it's like negative 10 degrees and here it's like 80, and plus it's just nice to feel like you're actually helping out instead of laying on a beach doing nothing," said Grafston.

Warm weather wasn't the only factor in bringing the group to South Georgia. The recent wave of tornadoes also touched the hearts of the selection committee.

"There's a group that chooses where we go," said trip leader Jonathon Voss. "And I think they knew about the storm and wanted do some kind of impact with that."

Habitat partnered with First Presbyterian church for funding. An estimated 60 thousand dollars in labor, materials and appliances is being put towards the house.

The garage was converted into a multipurpose laundry room. The pool is being re-done, and the kitchen and bathroom were gutted completely.

"Breaking down walls, breaking floors, cleaning up some of the old stuff that may not be structurally sound or may not be able to be used in the new house," said Voss who is making his 4th trip Habitat for Humanity.

And while the students aren't experts in construction, they're surrounded by those who are.

"I've probably hammered like one nail in my life," said Grafston. "But the crew is really helpful."

This group leaves at the end of the week.

There will be a couple more student groups to lend helping hands through the month.

Habitat for Humanity expects a family of 5 to be able to move in this home by April 1st.

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