Bainbridge college student receives honorary EMT award

Bainbridge college student receives honorary EMT award
Nina McMillian, Mother (Source:WALB)
Nina McMillian, Mother (Source:WALB)

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - A Bainbridge state college student with special needs achieved her lifelong goal of becoming an EMT.

Although the process wasn't easy, Blair Williams stood beside her classmates on Tuesday as she was given an honorary EMT award.

This was a joint effort between the college, South Georgia/Grady EMS, and Bainbridge Public Safety.

Everyday starts different than the next and Tuesday started rather special.

Ever since she was little, Blair Williams has always dreamed of being an EMT

"Blair said it hurts my feelings momma, that Abby gets to go to college and I don't," said Nina McMillian, Blair's Mother.

Tuesday, her dream came true.

"I want to save lives, and to help those in need," said Williams.

As Blair has been taking classes at Bainbridge State College, she has built up a very strong support team.

One that was there cheering her on as she preformed a clinical rotation to graduate EMT school.

"Everyone supported me and my dreams and set my goals, I want to accomplish my goals," said Williams.

"I am so grateful for people that look not at her disabilities but her abilities," said McMillian.

Strong and mighty and determined to never give up.

"We know that there are limitations but we never let someone else set her limitations," said McMillian.

A smile that has touched the hearts of many in the Bainbridge Community, is now a lot bigger as she becomes their first honorary EMT.

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