Proposed bill could cost hunters more in license fee

Proposed bill could cost hunters more in license fee

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A proposal to hike, hunting, and fishing fees has gotten some nibbles under the Gold Dome in Atlanta.

The bill increases fees across the board, from licenses for hunting and fishing to permits.

The senate has already approved the bill, now the house is up next.

If approved, it will be the first increase in hunting and fishing fees in more than two decades.

These licenses brought in a little more than $24 million last year. That would grow by at least $6.7 million per year under the new fees.

The Department of Natural Resources has pledged to put that money back into state resources.

A resident hunting license would cost $15, which is a $5 bump.

A dual license for hunting and fishing would cost $30, which is $13 more.

A sportsman's license would cost $65, up from $55.

Seniors, who currently enjoy a free pass, will also start paying a relatively small fee.

Georgians older than 65 would pay $7 annually for a sportsman's license. Another new license, for youth ages 12 to 15, would be optional. It would cost $5.

The bill is expected to clear the house.

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