Handguns taken from unlocked cars in Tifton

Handguns taken from unlocked cars in Tifton

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - In Tifton, police are urging you to lock your car, after three guns were reported stolen out of unlocked vehicles last week.

Police say the first gun, valued at four hundred and seventy five dollars.

Someone stole it on February 19.

The owner's truck was left unlocked while parked at a house on Wilson Avenue.

The second theft on February 20.

According to police, another handgun from an unlocked car parked on Ridge Avenue overnight.

The third, later that same night, a handgun, valued at nine hundred and fifty dollars, someone also stole from an unlocked vehicle on West 14th Street.

"People can obviously lock their doors and keep them locked and keep valuables out of sight. A lot of times people will, if they are looking for things to steal, they will look inside the car first before breaking windows or going into them," said Detective Ferron Yi, Tifton Police Department.

Police say you should lock you car doors to prevent these crimes.

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