Art of the Deal: Girl Scout makes pitch to Trump

Art of the Deal: Girl Scout makes pitch to Trump
Kayla's favorite cookie is the ThinMint (Source:WALB)
Kayla has been a Girl Scout for several years (Source:WALB)
Kayla has been a Girl Scout for several years (Source:WALB)
Kayla Jasko (left) Tim Jasko (right) (Source:WALB)
Kayla Jasko (left) Tim Jasko (right) (Source:WALB)

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - One South Georgia Girl Scout is making a pitch to the Commander-in-Chief in hopes of selling him cookies.

"If you get five of the $4 boxes, you could get it for $20," Kayla Jasko, a Girl Scout who lives in Fitzgerald, said.

Jasko, 8, is working to perfect the art of the deal.

"I really like Girl Scout cookies and everyone I know really likes Girl Scout Cookies," Jasko said.

She's sold more than 400 boxes of cookies around Fitzgerald, but is reaching out to a particular family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in hopes of a Presidential boost.

"My mommy tells me you have a really tough job ahead of you," Jasko said, during a video posted online.

Jasko made a video asking President Donald Trump to buy some cookies to help her reach her goal. So, she can win a chalkboard.

"He could tell a lot of people that they should buy some," Jasko said.

She even suggests that he could buy cookies and share.

"Sit down with your wife and son," Jasko said. "Hi, Barron."

Her dad Tim also says you can help Kayla be patriotic because, if you go online, you can donate cookies to those serving in the armed forces.

"Gives them a taste of home and lets them know they are appreciated for their services that they're doing overseas," Tim said.

He adds that, as a parent, the cookie-time-of-year is a crazy period, but he appreciates what his daughter is learning.

"It teaches the girls financial responsibility," Tim said. "It gives them goals to work toward something. They see that all their hard work pays off."

Kayla said she hopes her video pays off and she sees results from Washington.

"I tried to build a wall to keep my brother out of my video, but he found the Samoas and ate his way through," Kayla said, in her video address to President Trump.

A snack she hopes President Trump won't be able to resist dunking into a glass of milk.

You can donate a box to those in the armed forces or buy one for yourself at Kayla's Girl Scout profile.

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