19 hilarious responses to April the giraffe not having a baby yet

19 hilarious responses to April the giraffe not having a baby yet
April watches those watching her. (Source: Animal Adventure Park via YouTube)
April watches those watching her. (Source: Animal Adventure Park via YouTube)

(WALB) - Here's an update: April the giraffe has not had her baby, at least not yet.

Millions have been captivated by the chance to see this giraffe give birth live on the internet. Meanwhile many have given their grievances on the fact that it's taking so long.

Here's a look at some of their public responses on Facebook:

1. YALL. I am about to perform my first C-section on a giraffe if April doesn't get. a. move. on.
For The Love. - via Ashley Griffin

2. Things I Hate So Far Today:

1. The Giraffe
2. The Oscars
I am keeping a running tab. - via Jeremy Turnage

3. Welcome to 2017, where you can watch an animal squeeze out a baby on a live stream... - via Matthew Chandler

Sharing the struggle:

4. I got a major test to study for and this damn giraffe will not have that baby!! - via Melissa Brummel

5. Some decided to make memes:

6. For Pete sake would this baby giraffe just show up already!? - via Jason Smith

7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, still waiting - via Catherine Hanes

8. Waiting for April... No not the month of April, I mean the baby Giraffe. - via Paul Christopher Duncan

9. FYI You may now resume watching the giraffe who hasn't given birth yet. She will give birth around 3:30 am one day when everyone is sleeping. - via Angela Walsh

10. She's still pregnant, guys. Bless her heart. - via Mary Corbin

Some just decided to post that it already happened. (except it hadn't)

11. Awww I just watched April the giraffe have her baby, how sweet! - via Tamica-Lyn Foster

Others waited in disbelief:

12. I'm beginning to think this giraffe isn't even preggo & that the zoo is just blowing smoke... - via Holly Napier

Meanwhile, April was caught doing this towards the camera early Monday evening.

Some shared their "labor" pains of having to travel:

13. I'm gonna be so pissed if that giraffe has the baby while I'm in the plane! - via Tonja Bristow

Others shared their own pregnancy thoughts:

14. I better give birth before this damn giraffe. - via Molly Sue

This person gave up after watching for more than two hours:

15. I watched for over two hours last night. I give up on this giraffe - via Keirsten Chrysler

16. ....I think they should name the baby after me...I'm dedicated - via Trudie Owens

17. I'm going to need to take some time off work to give more attention to this giraffe birthing issue. Obviously mama needs me to coach her. - via Sherry Webb

Others questioned their own loyalty:

18. Why do I care so much about this Giraffe in New York's birth? xD - via Chirstina Johnson

More disbelief here:

19. This giraffe is not pregnant. Just fat - via Matthew Davidson

What have your thoughts been though it all?

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