Touching reunion between toddler and officer who saved his life

Touching reunion between toddler and officer who saved his life
(Source:Moultrie PD)
(Source:Moultrie PD)

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Eight months ago, Kacee Hartfield's life was forever changed.

"It was the worst day of my life," said Hartfield.

"We received a medical call of a child choking and not being able to breathe," said Lt. Hancock, Moultrie PD.

Sawyer was sleeping in his car seat when his mom looked over and noticed something was wrong.

Some call it heroic, Lieutenant Hancock said he was just doing his job.

"Luckily through whatever divine intervention, I was able to help and get him breathing," said Hancock.

Sawyer is now as happy and healthy as ever
Two people who may never have crossed paths, are now best buds.

"Not only did I have an impact on his life but he definitely had an impact on my life," said Hartfield.

The urge to meet Sawyer's hero weighed heavy on Kacee's heart for many months.

"I just the months after words almost everyday it would cross my mind, I was just so thankful," said Hartfield.

Even though sawyer is only one, Kacee said she will always remind him as he grows up, how important law enforcement officers truly are.

"I didn't really look at them as savors put that day he became a savor to me, it changed my view of police officers forever," said Hartfield.

"It broke it down to the very root and core of what I love about being a police office. To be able to impact someone in that way and to see the results of what we get out a do everyday," said Hancock.

Lieutenant Hancock gave little Sawyer a Moultrie Police Department teddy bear, and a police car.

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