Food truck ordinance passes in Bainbridge; Restaurant owners excited

Food truck ordinance passes in Bainbridge; Restaurant owners excited
Tina Brock, Issac's Bakery Owner (Source:WALB)
Tina Brock, Issac's Bakery Owner (Source:WALB)

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Some of the best food you can find in South Georgia comes from small restaurants.

But think very small, Like a food truck!

Soon folks in Bainbridge will start to see food trucks, after the city approved them.

According to city leaders, there was an increase in interest of food trucks. Local businesses and community members here wanted to know how they would be allowed to operate one.

This new ordinance allows for food trucks to operate on commercial property as long as they have the owners permission.

With a limited amount of space, These trucks sure do a lot of business.

The quick service is becoming more popular.

"I'm anxious to see what its going to do here in Bainbridge I don't think we take advantage of the opportunities in our town," said Tina Brock, Issac's Bakery owner.

Brock said she has thought about getting a food truck before and is on board with the new law passed last week.

"I would want to do as many things as we offer here to the public to be able to walk up to the truck to get it but we would have to have a limited supply," said Brock.

With all of baseball, soccer, and fishing tournaments in the area, Brock said why not? It would offer more choices to folks at events.

"It could help, the ball fields are right around the corner from the boat basin but not just at the basin it could be anywhere out and about," said Brock.

The ordinance doesn't have time restrictions, so truck owners can serve breakfast lunch or dinner at any time.

Food trucks do have to be permitted through the city and state

They also are regulated through the environmental health department, having regular inspections.

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