Rural downtown revitalization bill passes House vote

Rural downtown revitalization bill passes House vote

A bill that would help revive rural South Georgia towns through a series of tax credits has passed the House during a recent vote.

Now it needs to pass the Senate.

It passed the house with 158 votes.

The Senate did a first reading and referred it to the finance committee.

If passed, the law would take effect January 1, 2018.

The bill states any eligible business that locates within the revitalization zones has to create at least two new full time jobs.

The bill offers tax credits for businesses that are willing to move into these towns.

Now this is an effort by the Georgia Department of Community affairs and several Georgia leaders such as Penny Houston.

The GDCA employees are excited and hope that if the bill passes the final vote it can start to make positive changes in these rural communities.

"Our goal is to bring development back to rural downtown's and draw people back to the heart of the community. and this is similar to other opportunity zones but its different because it targets rural areas," said MaryBrown Sandys, Director of Marketing and Communication.

Pavo was one of the towns that could benefit from this bill.

Employees with the city are keeping up to date with the bill's progress and would love to see the town come to life once again.

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