Editorial: A free press

Editorial: A free press

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A free press isn't the enemy of America, it's a big part of what 'makes America great.'

Sunday, an ABC News correspondent defended the news media against President Trump's claim that they are the "enemy of the American people," by saying reporters will continue to do their jobs even if it means "incurring the wrath of the most powerful person in the world."

There's nothing new about a President of the United States criticizing the press, if we look to history for some perspective.

Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, was so mad at what was being written about his admiration, declared that: "nothing can now be believed that is seen in a newspaper."

Ten years later he wrote: "Our liberty depends on freedom of the press."

Teddy Roosevelt, who is next to Jefferson on Mount Rushmore, coined the term: "Muckrakers" during his administration, to describe the investigative reporters he said were so obsessed with the negative, they were missing all the good he was doing as President.

But now, President Trump has taken criticism to another level, declaring the press is the enemy of American people.

Many countries do much more than complain about the media, they shut it down, put journalists in prison, or worse.

Journalists risk their lives, and with increasing frequency, lose their lives in pursuit of the truth.

We certainly agree, there is a reason the founders put "freedom of the press" in the very first amendment to the Constitution

A free press isn't the enemy of America, it's a big part of what makes America great.

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