"Singing" Shih Tzu causes stir on Facebook

"Singing" Shih Tzu causes stir on Facebook

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A "singing" South Georgia dog made waves on the internet and certainly caused a stir.

The adorable cat-like squeal had folks around the world scratching their heads.

"We had played with her and she kept us laughing all morning," said Oakland Vet Hospital's tech Bobbi Lee.

Meet Oreo dubbed the "singing" Shih Tzu.

Lee posted the video on Tuesday of the groomer Brenda talking to the 11-week old pooch and laughing, and Oreo is talking along right back.

The video was shared more than 700 thousand times, even folks as far as New Zealand reacted to it.

"She hadn't had a laugh in weeks and that she was crying, she was saying she was so thankful," explained Lee.

And the post received comments like "cutieeeeee" and "OMG she's saying 'mama.' 

Her owner Lee Wilson wasn't surprised she went viral.

"Just looking at her everyday makes me feel good," said Wilson.

An although she's still a puppy, she seemed to already know how to talk and potty.

Bobbi said it's not uncommon for Shih Tzus to make funny noises but she was definitely surprised by Oreo's feisty personality.

And I even saw it for my own eyes.

So was she squealing "mama" or singing?

"I'm not sure, we'll have to let everybody make the situation for themselves," said Lee.

But what we do know is "it gives everyone a laugh and laughter is good for the soul," remarked Lee.

"There's a bunch of dogs that needs homes and they will give you just as much joy as she gives us," said Wilson.

We polled viewers on Facebook and they voted Oreo said "mama."

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