Ben Hill Co. man, five chihuahuas lose home after fire

Ben Hill Co. man, five chihuahuas lose home after fire
The fire destroyed Reed's home (Source:WALB)
Reed and his dogs were not harmed (Source:WALB)
Reed and his dogs were not harmed (Source:WALB)
James Reed, fire victim (Source:WALB)
James Reed, fire victim (Source:WALB)

BEN HILL CO., GA (WALB) - A Ben Hill County man has been left with almost nothing, after a fire destroyed his home last week.

James Reed only has several pieces of furniture left.  A fire report states an electrical fire set his home ablaze.

"I heard something go boom," Reed said. "I looked back and I saw smoke coming out of my trailer."

Reed was out searching for one of his five Chihuahuas, when the smoke started pouring out of his trailer.

"I thought I had my little dogs in there," Reed said. "I ran in there with all the flames and the smoke. I thought they were there, but they weren't."

After finding the pups safe behind his home, firefighters put out the flames, but for many of the sentimental items Reed cherished, it was too late.

"It makes me sad because everything we lost, we had for years," Reed said.

Reed said most of pictures of him and his wife, who died several years ago, were lost in the fire.

"She was a good woman," Reed said.

As for his dogs, they're staying at the human society until Reed can find a way to pen them up.

He's staying at his brothers small home, looking for help finding a travel trailer that can be put in the backyard and some fencing. So, he can be reunited with his animals.

"I don't want to lose my little puppies," Reed said. "They are my babies."

Reed said he didn't have insurance, but the Red Cross is helping him. He's happy to be alive, but struggling.

"It hurts. It hurts deep in my heart," Reed said.

Reed said his neighbors have been helpful since the moment his home caught on fire.

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