About SB&T

At SB&T, we pride ourselves on offering our customers as full a range of financial products and services as you'll find anywhere in today's market.

Yet, we're a local bank. All decisions are made here. Your money goes to work right here in our community. The policies that affect you and your money are determined here by people who know you and know our market. We consider that to be a real advantage and so do our customers.

We put our customers first. It's a genuine commitment from every SB&T to give you everything you expect from a bank, and more.

If you're a customer now, you know we work hard to exceed your expectations and anticipate your needs. If you're not a customer, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. As you browse this web site, you'll see we have a lot to offer. We invite you to become a SB&T customer. It's definitely a change for the better.

Mark J. Lane
President and CEO

Randy Jones
City President

Try banking with a new perspective...yours!