How to help speed up storm debris clean-up

How to help speed up storm debris clean-up
(Source: Dougherty County)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Expect to see most of the storm debris across Dougherty County caused by January's tornado cleaned-up by late April.

That's because the county leadership has signed on a debris removal company, Ceres Environmental, and a debris collection monitoring service, Tetra Tech, with a goal to remove the downed trees, construction, household remains, and all storm debris in just 90 days from January 22, the date the EF-3 tornado whipped up an estimated 875,000 cubic yards of trash.

The community will receive a much better reimbursement from FEMA the quicker the storm debris is picked up.

According to officials, debris picked up within the first 30 days gets 85% reimbursement, 31-90 days gets 80%, and 91-120 days gets 75%.

There is an expiration date for FEMA reimbursement.

After 120 days from January 22nd, FEMA will not pay for the clean-up.

This formula is also true for the clean-up after the January 2 damaging wind events in Albany, as the city-hired contractors are working around the clock to expedite clean-up in a short time frame.

How you separate your storm debris matters, and officials says will help the contractors and save taxpayers money.

The graphic, provided by Dougherty County, shows just how you must separate your household garbage, construction debris, vegetative debris, household hazardous waste, and so called 'white' goods, like refrigerators.

Contractors cannot collect debris on private property.

The image depicts exactly where homeowners must place debris along the curb so the contractors can scoop it up and dispose of the storm trash.

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